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Whether you're a business or an individual, no matter how great your debt or how heavy the burden feels, there's always something that can be done.  And it's our job, as Licensed Insolvency Practitioners and Business Advisors serving Croydon, London and Bournemouth, to find the best possible outcome for you.  

Personal Debt

Personal debt solutions and debt advice
  • Free initial consultation

  • Reputable and impartial advice

  • Successful track record

  • Friendly support team

  • IVA's, Bankruptcy and informal arrangement options

  • Quick and confidential help with a wide range of debts

Personal Debt is overwhelming especially if you have lost your job, or are coping with a change in circumstances. Whatever your situation, there is a way out, and we will share your problems and help solve the situation.

The good news is that, no matter how bad your predicament, there is always a solution. The key is to move quickly as the earlier you act, the more options you have.  

We offer expert advice that is tailored to your own personal debt situation.  You can always pop in to our one of our local offices and talk face to face with an Insolvency Practitioner or give us a call today. 

Business Debt

Business debt solutions and debt advice
  • Prevent creditors from pursuing you

  • Help to reduce or write off debts

  • Confidential and expert advice

  • Write off up to 100% of debt

  • Liquidations, Administrations and Pre-Packs

  • Independent advice if facing financial difficulty but want to keep trading

In today's difficult economic climate businesses are under tremendous pressure - this could be creditor pressure, VAT/HMRC arrears, cash flow difficulties or you may be trading while insolvent.

Every situation is different but out technical expertise will find you a high quality solution. The key as always is to move quickly as the earlier you act the more options are available. Insolvency is not inevitable and we will explore all available options, utilise our skills, contacts and expertise to stop insolvency if at all possible.  But if a business cannot be rescued we will focus on achievable advice so you are not looking for a solution on your own.

Business Advice

Help for creditors and professional advisors
  • Finance for business growth

  • Free Healthcheck Questionnaire

  • Help with lending propositions 

  • Business Plans

  • Improve business performance and profitability

  • Restructure and Turnaround for professional practices

Our consultants provide business advice and support across London and the South East.

David Salkeld specialises in financial support and can assist with lending propositions and getting a 'yes' from the Bank.  He can assess ways to finance business growth and works with owners to help improve business performance and profitability.

Richard Oirschot's considerable experience is in restructure and turnaround with professional practices.  Acting as a 'translator' between lawyers and banks and helping both to understand each other's pressures and advising what is realistic in terms of proposals.

We are here to help you. Call us now on 0845 260 0101